multum in parvo

The Origins of Hashing

Hashing evolved in 1938 when four British ex-pats led by A S Gisbert, who all worked in Kuala Lumpur, wished to get fit without interfering with their busy social life.  These four (accountants) were accommodated in a singles wing of a notorious ex-pat gathering-house called the Selangor Club, which is still thriving today.  The food in this wing was so inedible it was called The Hash House.  The term "Harrier" means cross-country or rough running, so they called their new activity "Hash House Harriers". The first run was once round the KL racecourse and back to the bar.  For more detail about this story, have a look here.

How to do Hashing

Hashing has two parts:

First, the "Run" or "Trail" -

Second, the "Aprés" -

Following repatriation, Hashing (as it is called), spread round the Globe. Currently there are well over a hundred Hashes in UK, with something like four thousand Hashers. Globally there are about one thousand Hashes with membership totalling around one hundred thousand. To indicate dedication, the bi-annual International Hash meet draws thousands (six thousand in KL in 1998) from around the World. English is the lingua franca and beer is the hash drink. (Drinking without beer is a serious offence).

Hashing is not just a sporting activity, but also a mentality.

Hashers, being the social and sporting elite, could be forgiven if they adopt an arrogant attitude towards non Hashers but we are humble at heart and merely feel sorry for those unable to Hash due to either non availability, personality debilitation or social retardation.