On On!

"The Drinking Club... with a Running Problem"

DH4 hashers meet on alternate Fridays at 7PM (Winter hashes are run by torchlight), and follow a devious trail laid down by hares . The trail, normally from a local hostelry, is a sub-60 (minutes) run (any longer, and Landlords tend to whinge if they have a full car park and no clientele!). The après includes imbibing of beer and punishments in the form of down-downs.

To confirm the trail, please contact 'Sex Slave' or:

IMPORTANT SMALL PRINT - The organisers do not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury, however caused, sustained by any participant during any DH4 event or associated activity. Participants waive their right to pursue the organisers or any other participant for any loss, damage or injury whilst taking part in these activities. Dog owners accept full responsibility for any injury or damage, however caused, by their animals. Click HERE for a copy of the Countryside Code!